Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Press Release for the Fourth Online Campaign “Ethiopian Dream – Let us all dream it together”

Zone9 is an informal group of young Ethiopian activists and bloggers working together to create an alternative independent narration of the socio-political conditions in Ethiopia and thereby foster public discourse that will result in emergence of ideas for the betterment of the Nation. 

In an effort to meet our objectives, we have conducted three different online campaigns that we believe have informed citizens and called for good governance. The fourth and last of the Ethiopian year 2005 campaign will be held under the motto “Ethiopian Dream – Let us all dream it together” between 5th-7th of September, 2013. 

Our country Ethiopia is home of rich history, beautiful cultures and identities. Having and recognizing our differences, the presence of an all-inclusive shared national dream is a crucial element in the nation building effort. It is in this view that the 4th online campaign will try to create a stage for all Ethiopians to envision a better Ethiopia. 

Among the major objectives of the campaign are: · 

a) to envision an all-inclusive country, equal to Ethiopians from all walk of life and background and accommodative of all cultures and identities, 

b) to seek for ways that encourage and look for just economic, social and political progress in the country, 

c) to preach for religious tolerance and 

d) to envision Ethiopia that all Ethiopians aspire to live in and none desire to leave behind. 

The campaign mainly will be held on Twitter and Facebook. Articles, that motivate citizens to question themselves and discuss their dream for the country, will be published on our blog. Status updates and tweets (containing unique hashtag #EthiopianDream is developed for the purpose) will be circulated. Banners will be developed to be used as a profile picture throughout the campaign period.

Dear all Ethiopians who want to see Ethiopia an even more proud nation that is equal to all, where citizens work together focusing on human and national development without any negative feeling for each other; you all are invited to join the campaign to sharing your dream and sharing others’ dream. 

We blog because we care!!!

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